I'm Daniel.

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Currently living in Toronto, Canada 🍁 and working on applied/creative computer ideas & visions in my spare time. A large portion of the time is pushed towards decentralized projects, whitehat security, and AI computing operations.

I have successfully completed an Honours Bachelor of Technology Degree at GBC with a 3.80 GPA. I am currently employed as Senior Management COO within a construction firm located in the GTA.

Whenever I have free time, scrolling mindlessly through Reddit does get boring. In other instances, I enjoy researching cryptography tokenomics, perfecting my photography skills, sim racing and crashing in T1 of Monza, and dabbling with HiFi headphones.

Thanks for stopping by! If you want to chat, shoot me a message on discord or with ol' fashion email.

pc specs // github // fujiwara.pw // email // hydra#7051